School Fundraising Mega Party Event

School Fundraiser Orders

The school fundraiser paper orders and online orders that were shipped to be picked up at the Greencastle-Antrim Middle School have arrived.

  • Students will take the orders home on Monday, November 14.
  • If the order is large, Mrs. Lindecamp will call home to arrange a pickup date and time.

 Reporting damaged and/or missing items:

  1. Any damaged or missing items must be reported within 10 business days of order receipt. Please call Cherrydale customer service number (877-619-4822) listed on your seller pack slips included with your products.
  2. If an order shortage is due to a “Backordered” item, Cherrydale will fill that order within an acceptable timeframe. If an order shortage is due to “Out of Stock” items Cherrydale will either:
    • Substitute with a similar item plus additional gift or
    • Refund the money for that product. “Out of Stock” and “Backordered” items are infrequent but may occur.

Thank you, students, for supporting Greencastle-Antrim Middle School during our annual school fundraiser. Because of you, promoting and selling the fundraiser items, we were able to exceed our fundraising goal! We are completely humbled by your generous donations, purchases, and contributions.

The goal was set at $35,000.00, and thanks to you we were able to reach $38,549.00 in sales, with a profit of $16,439.60. All Funds raised will directly benefit our students and go towards our student activities and school events!

The Mega Party will be held on Friday Oct. 28th from 1:00 - 2:15 at GAMS.  Those who have qualified for the Mega Party will receive more information.  Mr. McManus is looking forward to being silly stringed at the event.

 Once again, thank you for supporting Greencastle-Antrim Middle School.

 Mike McManus, GAMS Principal