Good Guys & Gals

GAMS Good Guys and Gals - September 2020
Posted on 09/11/2020
Image of September 2020 Good Guys and Gals. The 6th graders names from left to right are: Keenan Patterson, Naiya Patel, Gavin Logsdon and Maleah Mason.
GAMS Good Guys and Gals for September 2020.

The criteria for selection includes being courteous, polite, respectful, helpful to peers and supportive of all staff.  Overall, they make our school a better place. 

The 6th 
graders names are from left to right:  

  1. Keenan Patterson
  2. Naiya Patel
  3. Gavin Logsdon
  4. Maleah Mason