Important Letter to GAMS Students and Families

Welcome to GAMS Important Letter to GAMS Students and Families


November 12, 2020

Dear GAMS Parents/Guardians:

GREAT news!  Our iPads are ready!  What are the next steps?

Step One:  “View the Video”

Today, our 6th & 7th grade students received a brief presentation (on iPad care, iPad guidance, iPad rules and iPad responsibilities); then, went to and watched an 8 minute video on our iPad program.  I would like to encourage you to view it as well.  Questions you still have may be answered within the video.  I hope you will find it helpful.  Our 8th grade students will hear the presentation and view the video on Monday during “specials” (either Art or Wellness).  Our fully virtual students are asked to view it online tomorrow!

Step Two:  “Get your iPad” 

Tomorrow, our 6th & 7th grade students, during Launch, will be given an iPad.  If the student already has borrowed a District device, the student simply needs to bring it with them to school tomorrow.  Give it to their Homeroom Teacher and it will be exchanged for a new iPad.  If the student does not already have a device, all they need to have completed is their “Student Use Form” and their payment.  If turned in, they will be given an iPad.  If your student is fully virtual, you simply come to the Main Office at GAMS between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. during school days to get your student’s iPad (the same paperwork/payment or device trade-in requirements apply)If you have an 8th grade student, this will happen on Monday during Launch Period

Thanks for your help in getting your child’s iPad in their hands as soon as possible!



Mr. Mark W. Herman
Principal, GAMS
on Instagram:  gamsprincipal

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  • November 15 thru 20 – American Education Week

  • November 26 thru December 1 – Thanksgiving Vacation

GAMS ETO iPad Rollout Video here.