Vocal Performance Groups

Musical Notes
Greencastle-Antrim Middle School Sixth Grade Chorus  

The Sixth Grade Chorus rehearses every Day 3 and Day 5. Rehearsal techniques include better breathing skills, rhythmic echoing, correct posture stances, phonics and vowel production, social manners during performances, as well as experimenting with harmonies and listening skills. A wide variety of music is covered including pop songs, American folk music, baroque classics and cultural songs in foreign languages. Chorus is a graded class with two mandatory concert performances in which attendance is graded.

Greencastle-Antrim Middle School Seventh & Eighth Grade Chorus

The Seventh & Eighth Grade Chorus meets every Day 2 and Day 4. This chorus experience is a graded class, and each member is responsible for attending every rehearsal and the two major concert performances. More in-depth development occurs during rehearsals in the following areas: breathing and breath control, phrasing, pronunciation in both English and in foreign language songs as well as discovering better listening skills through a cappella singing in four-part harmony. Chorus is developmental, and all are welcome to join as no audition is required. Auditions are held for solo parts, Franklin-Fulton County Music Educators Festival, and Show Choir. Piano players are encouraged to inform Mrs. Bingaman of their talents for use and service as chorus accompanists.

Greencastle-Antrim Middle School Show Choir

An audition-only group open to chorus members in grades seven and eight, Show Choir performs many times throughout the year for various organizations in addition to the two major performances with the Greencastle-Antrim school choruses. Show Choir holds fundraisers to benefit adjudication trips, team-building activities and group wear. Interested singers should have a desire to perform in front of audiences, be confident in their appearance and sound and be willing to rehearse after school once or twice per week. Participation in this organization is not graded, but students must make a serious commitment before accepting a position once auditions are held.