Welcome to our school, a place for middle school students to grow physically, mentally, socially and academically. We offer a wide range of learning opportunities for our students and challenge them to do their best to become lifelong learners and productive citizens.



A picture of Principal HermanA Message from Our Principal

by Mark Herman

Since July 2007, I have been honored to serve the students, parents, faculty and staff as the principal of Greencastle-Antrim Middle School (GAMS). I have served in education as a teacher, coach, dean, assistant principal, college professor and principal since 1985. I am blessed with a tremendous faculty and staff who are committed to our school’s mission:

Our vision at GAMS is to provide an individualized educational program for all students that is sensitive to each student’s developmental needs. We establish high expectations and purposefully engage students in effective instructional practices to bring about measurable individual growth and achievement. Our faculty collectively studies and implements the research proven “best practices” of effective instruction espoused by the Learning-Focused Schools Model.

We are a family of learners in the midst of a wonderful community that is rich in history and tradition, lavished by community service and sacrifice, proud of its family values and commitment to character; and, dedicated to excellence for the sake of its children. We invite you to partner with us as we endeavor to keep Children First, the motto by which we conduct our work.

Mark Herman

Our School's Mission:

Through a relational culture in partnership with families and community, we will provide personalized educational programming for all with curriculum that is globally competitive, PA Standards-aligned and GA individualized and enriched; instruction that is “best practice” based, technologically rich, individually responsive and delivered within a professionally collaborative environment; and, assessment that formatively and summatively informs our practice. 

GAMS Office Staff

Mark W. Herman 
(717) 597-3226 ext. 20500
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Ashley Martin
Assistant Principal 
(717) 597-3226 ext. 20503

Michael McManus

Assistant Principal
(717) 597-3226 ext. 20503

Fred Yelton
Guidance Counselor
(717) 597-3226 ext 20521 

Linda Harbaugh 
Principal Secretary
(717) 597-3226 ext. 20500

Denise Boyer

Career Center Secretary
(717) 597-3226 ext. 20520

Ashley Leggett
Student Services Secretary
(717) 597-3226 ext. 20503

Jessica Peterson
Attendance Secretary
(717) 597-3226 ext. 20501


GASD 2019-2020 Theme - Empower

 Message from the Principal 

Follow me on Instagram at "gamsprincipal" to learn what we are celebrating here at GAMS.

"Make it a great day... or not... because that choice... it belongs to you."

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  Semester #1
93 Days
Begins: Wednesday, August 19, 2020
Friday, January 15, 2021

Marking Period #2

47 Days
Begins: Monday, October 26, 2020
Friday, January 15, 2020
Report Cards: Tuesday, January 22, 2020