Quay Hanna

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Who is Quay Hanna?

Quay Hanna’s speaking career began in 1997 after a major racial incident at Penn Manor High School in Lancaster, PA. Through specific stories about his childhood, his life, and a bus trip (a 37-state journey around the country by Greyhound bus meeting people of diverse cultural differences and circumstances), he is able to captivate audiences of all ages with how and why he abandoned his racist views as he interacted with a wide range of people all over America.  His simple and honest approach to race relations have made him a popular speaker known for his ability to connect with very diverse audiences and ages.

Quay’s Goal is to make students think and examine their own lives and the people they interact with every day. He believes self-examination opens the door to conversation which ultimately leads to reconciliation (the restoration of friendly relations). He also understands that it takes courage to be able to do this and Quay's hope is that our middle school students would walk away encouraged, uplifted, inspired and hopeful from each assembly or small group mentoring session. 

What Quay Hanna Does:

  • Counseling
  • College Presentations
  • Conference Keynotes
  • Consulting
  • Grade School Assemblies
  • Small group interactions
  • Staff Training

Quay’s Programs at the Middle School Level:

Quay has been working with young people in a wide variety of ways over the past two decades and has experienced a lot when it comes to both sides of the bullying issue. Quay uses these experiences to offer perspective for both students getting bullied and those who do the bullying. His programs have been proven effective in offering coping techniques to the harassed, but also in causing the bullies to think about and consider the consequences of their actions. His funny, yet challenging, presentation will leave the students thinking about the words they say and the things they do.

  • Middles School Assemblies
  • Small Group Mentoring
  • Coping Techniques to the harassed
  • Helps the bullies self-examine and think about the consequences of their actions and words

“Quay’s programs are extremely effective in schools that are looking to be proactive towards student relations or for schools that are currently struggling with issues of racism, prejudice, and hatred. Either way, Quay’s participation in your school will help put it on the path towards people (student) reconciliation.

For more information about Quay Hanna, please visit Quay's website here.

For more information, please contact: 

Mr. Fred Yelton 

Guidance Counselor
717-597-3226 ext.  20521