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What is Spirit Week?
For most schools, Spirit Week is homecoming week or the week that precedes the big homecoming game every year. It is a special week where students who attend school show their school and team spirit by dressing up in line with the days' themes.

What is the Purpose of Spirit Week?
During School 
Spirit Week, students celebrate their school pride by participating in activities related to the school's sports teams, wearing school colors and competing in special spirit week contests. Spirit Week is usually held during the week before the school's homecoming, but any week of the year can be used.

What it Means to have School Spirit?
School spirit
 is the sense of identity and community shared by members of an educational institution. This definition of school spirit
 is closely associated with good sportsmanship among students and their families at sporting events and is loosely based upon encouraging each other.

2021  -  SPIRIT WEEK 


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For information, please contact:

Mr.  Aric Bruner
Mrs.  Julie Franchi