Welcome to GAMS STARBASE Field Trip Experience


This year the STARBASE field trip is canceled, but STARBASE teachers will come to GAMS.

Round 1
October 26th - November 12th
Round 2:  December 3rd - 21st 

The STARBASE in school experience it’s an interactive experience! 

What is STARBASE?   

STARBASE Martinsburg is a highly interactive enrichment program for public and private students.  

STARBASE seeks to overcome three of the most difficult problems facing today’s youth:  poor preparation in science, math, and technology; lack of personal direction; and the allure of substance abuse.  

STARBASE is an exciting, hands-on science, mathematics and technology and engineering program in a high-tech, aerospace learning environment.  

STARBASE inspires creativity and hands-on learning with features you won’t find in any other classroom – in a location students really want to come to. Powerful activities like rocket launches and 3D design let students engage with content in interactive ways, find new interests and access the world of STEM like never before. 

STARBASE inspires students and helps strengthen their learning through unique, challenging and fun academic programs where students explore, experiment, and expand their knowledge.  

STARBASE has full time instructors who specialize in science,  math, engineering, and technology.  The program is free to schools. There are currently over 76 DoD STARBASE locations across the country.

All students who attend STARBASE must have a
Release of Liability” and "Release of Information” forms signed by their parent or guardian to attend.