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Personalization Ends After January 29, 2021
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The yearbook is published annually to record, highlight, and commemorate your past school year. 

These memories will be worth looking back on to see how far you’ve come. This year’s story is just the beginning and you can customize your yearbook.

Different Ways to Capture the Year

Parents or guardians can customize their student's yearbook by telling their student how proud they make them through their student's personal yearbook.
  • Image of yearbooks with personalizationSelect a Cherished Photo
  • Choose a Layout
  • Add a Personal Message 

Remember the school year with ReplayItTM photo sharing – Jostens exclusive, inclusive mobile app that lets you see and share memories with your classmates, submit your own photos to the yearbook, and access past years’ photos! It’s free, fast, and a fun way to remember the school year, for years to come!

Time Capsule  Image of ReplayIt™ Time Capsule
ReplayItTM Time Capsule gives you access to your school's past year's photos.

Calling All Parents or Guardians
Do you have pictures of your kids and their friends from GAMS that you would like to add to the yearbook? Now you can! Simply download the ReplayItTM app today!

Mobile App is Free

ReplayItTM  App is Free

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Personalize your Yearbook  Image of Yearbook Personalization
Give the yearbook that personal touch. There are many options to make the yearbook even more special. 

  • You can customize and personalize the cover with a name, crest or monogram plus icons that represent your passions...

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  • Connect with YOUTUBE - search or enter the URL for the YouTube video you'd like to upload.
  • Upload PHOTOS - browse your desktop for media or choose another source.

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