Career Cruising Interest Inventory

Welcome to GAMS Career Cruising Interest Inventory

All 8th graders at the Greencastle-Antrim Middle School will have the opportunity to take the Career Cruising Interest Inventory, which is a test designed to give the students an idea of what type of career they may be suited for. 

The Career Cruising Interest Inventory is a nationally recognized middle school-based questionnaire that is based on the student’s responses and takes about 45 minutes to complete. When the test is completed, the students actually self-score so they have their results immediately. 

The students will be given passwords so that the parents and the child can access this great resource at home.  


The Career Cruising Interest Inventory will be given in October and will be administered in their Social Studies class. 

Image of Monthly Bulletin Board Theme - February 2020 - "Career Interest Cruising Inventory"