8th Grade Scheduling Conferences

Welcome to GAMS 8th Grade Scheduling Conferences

Image of a High School8th Graders,
“Are you Ready for High School?” 


Our goal is to make the transition to the high school as smooth and exciting as possible.

We want to provide you with both excellent communication and personalized preparation. As part of our plan to accomplish this, we have arranged for the High School Student Services personnel to meet with the 8th Grade students during an upcoming Anchor Period. They will discuss:

  • the courses ninth graders are required to take,
  • the course selections students are permitted to make,
  • a typical schedule,
  • high school graduation requirements, etc.

A question and answer time will follow the presentation.

As part of the transition process, someone from either the High School or Middle School will reach out to you with a request to meet individually with you and your child.  The purpose of your appointment is to review your child’s Middle School records (math teacher recommendation for next year, past course selections, report card grades, PSSA and most recent CDT scores) and develop his/her ninth grade schedule.  

Your child, and every child, deserves a personalized educational plan and the chance to set goals based upon his/her aspirations.

We look forward to helping you as you prepare for this next exciting phase of life!