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Every year, GAMS students participate in the Scripps National Spelling Bee

In the fall, students in grades 5-8 take a written spelling test to determine the best spellers in each Language Arts class. Next, the best spellers in each grade participate in an oral spelling bee for each grade, five through eight. 

From there, approximately 30 of the best spellers advance to the GAMS Spelling Bee, an oral bee, which is traditionally held on the Monday morning before Winter Break in the GAHS auditorium. Family members of the participants are invited to watch this round of the spelling bee. The top four spellers from the GAMS Spelling Bee advance to the Central Pennsylvania Spelling Bee, hosted by WITF (PBS-affiliate) in their studio in Harrisburg, PA, to compete against the top spellers from an 11-county region of our mid state. 

The first round of the Central PA Spelling Bee is a written test, which includes spelling and definitions. This round is usually held on a Sunday afternoon in late January

The top 36 spellers from this round advance to the Central PA Spelling Bee Championship round, which usually takes place on a Saturday afternoon in late February. This round is televised on WITF.  

The winner of the Central PA Spelling Bee advances to the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington DC in May to compete for thousands of dollars in scholarship awards.

GAMS Spelling Bee Competition Winners 

These 4 students advanced to the Central PA Spelling Bee at WITF Studio in Harrisburg, PA, which will be held in January. Spellers will compete against students from an 11-county region in central PA. This semi-final round will have a maximum of 36 spellers who will advance to the championship round of the Central PA Spelling Bee.

 December 10, 2020 (top/bottom left to right)

  1. Gavin Michael HighImage of GAMS 2020 Spelling Bee Winners: top/bottom left to right: Gavin Michael High and Nate Michael Kuhn, Dillion J. McDonald and Gabriella Modupe Owolabi.
  2. Nate Michael Kuhn
  3. Dillion J. McDonald
  4. Gabriella Modupe Owolabi

For information, please contact:

Mr. Mowery
​Language Arts Teacher

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Spelling Bee by Grade Level

5th Grade
Not participating this year

GAMS Spelling Bee
December 10, 2020

Semi-Final Round

Central Pennsylvania Spelling Bee

The Semi-Final Round is a written spelling test for the top middle school spellers (a maximum of 36 spellers) in an 11-county region in the mid-state. Winners will advance to the championship round of the Central PA Spelling Bee. 

Location: WITF Public Media Center (PBS-affiliate) in their studio in Harrisburg, PA
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Deadline for Submission/Registration: January 2021

Snow Date: 

ip Round
 Central PA Spelling Bee 
WITF Grand Championship Spelling Bee

This is an oral spelling bee with the 36 top spellers from the semi-final round will go on to the Grand Championship Spelling Bee. The winner of this round advances to the Scripps National Spelling Bee this Spring.

This round is recorded and televised on a later date on WITF Public Media Center.

Location: Washington D.C. 

Date: TBD
Snow Date: TBD


Scripps National Spelling Bee
Winner will receive thousands of dollars in scholarship awards. 

Washington D.C. 
Date: May 1, 2021