Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU)

Welcome to GAMS Tobacco Resistance Unit (TRU) Activities

The Tobacco Resistance Unit is a movement throughout all of Pennsylvania to help youth, ages 12 to 18, stay tobacco-and nicotine-free. 

It’s time that young Pennsylvanians get serious about exposing BIG TOBACCO and its marketing lies. TRU aims to prevent and stop youth tobacco use through education. 

As statewide movement, TRU, is managed by the Pennsylvania Alliance to Control Tobacco (PACT) and the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania

TRU's mission is to protect Pennsylvania's youth from all tobacco and nicotine products, through community outreach, education, prevention and cessation.

At Greencastle-Antrim Middle School, the TRU group has been working to educate peers and youth since 2013. TRU student group members have provided education sessions at the elementary school and during middle school lunches. 

For the past several years they have had the opportunity to travel to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and talk with our state officials about the dangers of tobacco and the importance of educating and protecting our youth. 

The group meets during the school year under the direction of a staff member from Healthy Communities Partnership.

Additional Resources 
  • To learn more about the dangers of the E-Cigarettes smoking epidemic (Juuling, Vaping, Tank System), click on the E-Cigarettes Awareness tab on the left.

Image of TRU (TOBACCO RESISTANCE UNIT)  - E-Cigarettes Awareness & Dangers

For more information, please contact: 

Mr. Fred Yelton 
Guidance Counselor
717-597-3226 ext.  20521