Dress Code

Welcome to GAMS School Dress Code - 2020-2021 - Information 

    1.  Student Attire/Dress Code: Based upon the October 8, 1998, Board of School Directors mandate, school district faculty and administration are to define appropriate dress and enforce a dress code that eliminates distractions due to students’ attire.The district respects the rights of students to express themselves in word or symbol.The district also recognizes that such rights are not absolute and must be limited by the district’s responsibility to maintain an orderly school environment. Any student dress that is viewed as immodest, disruptive or inappropriate will face administrative review and, if warranted, corrective measures applied.Consequently, the following standards will be expected.
      1. Any dress that is either immodest or disruptive is considered a disciplinary offense and shall be treated as such.
      2. At the secondary level, all shirts, blouses and dresses must have sleeves that cover shoulders and minimally the top of arms – no bare shoulders.
      3. Shirts and blouses must be worn so that they meet the lower garments under all circumstances — no bare midriffs or backs.Undergarments should not be visible.
      4. Clothes with holes above the knee must have a garment underneath or a patch overtop to prevent skin above the knee from being exposed.
      5. All lower garments will be worn at the waist.
      6. The hem of all exterior garments must extend to at least the top of the knee when the student is standing with good posture.Garments may not touch the floor
      7. Hats, caps, hoods, bandannas, berets, sweatbands, (excluding hair accessories), Heelys, spiked accessories, sunglasses, and watch, key or wallet chains may not be worn within any school district building.
      8. Obscene, sexually suggestive, drug/tobacco/alcohol related statements or pictures, statements or pictures that libel any specific person or persons or contain obscene, lewd, vulgar or profane images, language or innuendo; expresses a serious and unequivocal intent to cause harm; incites violence or mayhem, advocated the use of unlawful force or vigilante behavior or encourages the violation of law, board policy or school rules or that is otherwise likely to materially or substantially interfere with the educational process is not acceptable.
      9. Low cut tops that expose cleavage are not permitted.
      10. All special classroom or building functions requiring a change in dress standards will be approved by the building administration prior to the event.
      11. Corrective action will include:
        1. Student Violators will not be permitted to attend classes and will receive a documented warning.Students may be asked to change their clothing before returning to class.
        2. Repeat violators who fail to comply with directives may face suspension due to insubordination and/or failure to comply with the district’s dress standards.
      12. Students will be permitted to carry book bags to and from school, but will not be permitted to carry them during the school day.
    2. To be fully eligible to participate in physical education class activities, students must wear the GASD Wellness uniform. Uniforms (consisting of a t-shirt and athletic shorts) may be purchased at the Main Office, or other designated location, at a cost of $12. Uniforms are available for purchase throughout the year.

    In addition, students are expected to wear socks and sneakers.
      Students may wear sweatshirts and/or sweatpants over their wellness uniform when classes are held outside.

    NO JEWELRY MAY BE WORN AT ANY TIME. THIS INCLUDES EARRINGS (no studs), NECKLACES, BRACELETS, WATCHES, OR OTHER PIERCINGS, ETC.  Please keep this in mind when you are considering piercing. If a student is unable to participate due to wearing jewelry, it will adversely affect his/her grade.

    (This information is also found in the "Code of Conduct" on the left.)