Welcome to GAMS Wellness Department

Our core values are the following: appreciation and enjoyment of a wide range of physical activities; possession of a positive self-image; provision of an adequate level of personal physical fitness; demonstration of good sportsmanship; and analysis of the relationship between positive health behaviors and their outcomes.

Physical Education

A direct correlation exists between daily physical activity and the health benefits an individual achieves. Physical Education class can substantially improve one’s health and quality of life by including moderate amounts of physical activity in their lives.

Wellness Lab

Health education in a classroom setting provides students a foundation of knowledge about the interrelationship of behavior and health, interactions within the human body and the prevention of diseases and other health problems. We promote health strategies and disease prevention concepts allowing students to become health-literate, self-directed learners providing a foundation for living a healthy and productive life.

Wellness is health in mind, body, and spirit. It is much more than just not being sick. Wellness means feeling good; taking care of your body; and liking yourself, your family, and friends. Wellness also means making the most of what you have, being hopeful in good times and bad, and living your life in the most satisfying way possible. - Unknown

Wellness Teachers

Megan L. Barkdoll

Julie A. Brookens

Jeremy K. Eby

Steven E. Layton

Gym Uniform

  • $12.00 per set (cash or check written to GAMS)
  • Where to Purchase: Main Office