Technology / STEM Education

Welcome to GAMS Technology Education Department

Technology Education at the middle school is offered as a semester class to eighth graders in two different forms:

Technology Education

Technology Education is a required class for all eighth graders before departing the middle school. In this class, we explore what technology is and how it impacts everyday life. Hands on learning is the focus of Technology Education. We explore the manufacturing, construction, communication and transportation systems of technology. Some of the activities may include metal working, wood working, mechanical drafting, machine and tool safety and problem solving.


Encore is an elective class which delves deeper into the technological world. More advanced projects and activities are part of the Encore experience. In addition to materials and processes used in Technology Education, Encore includes: designing, animations, CAD, mousetrap cars, mag-levs and plastics.

The science of today is the technology of tomorrow. 
- Edward Teller

Technology Education / STEM Teachers

Casey I. Brookens

Aric A. Bruner

Linda Kay Grams

Benjamin T. Herrmann

Deena M. Kirkwood

Stacie Shaner