Social Studies

Welcome to GAMS Social Studies Department

As a social studies department, our core values consist of democratic principles, diversity and inclusiveness, global interconnectedness, intellectual excellence and the pursuit of knowledge. We reach these core values within our various levels of curriculum: exploring various cultures and their connections to and within the American culture, Native Americans through America’s new government and the Articles of Confederation through 1900.

An Integrated Approach: Reading, Writing, Geography and Current Events

Reading and writing skills are essential to succeed academically and are required for functioning and advancing in the workplace. Through effective reading and writing, students will develop their voice and will be able to communicate their ideas, experience and knowledge. 

Technological advancements have helped make students aware of the world around them. Geography and the application of map and graph skills facilitates understanding to help them make informed and critical decisions about the relationship of human beings and their environment.

Engaging students in current events keeps them up-to-date on complex and far-reaching topics as they unfold around the world. Discussion and questioning help the students analyze and investigate topics that help to form insight into responsibilities as citizens. Linking the past to the present makes history come alive for students and gives them a deeper understanding of events in the United States and abroad.

The students engage in various special activities to affirm their civic responsibility. Constitution Day, Veteran’s Day, Cumberland Life Festival and Make-A-Difference Day are some of the celebrations and visitations students will experience that promote a greater understanding of the civic ideals and practices of citizenship which are vital in our society today. 


The primary purpose of social studies is to help young people develop the ability to make informed and rational decisions for the public good as citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society in an interdependent world. - NCSS

Social Studies Teachers

Matthew J. Beckering

Megan E. Long

Shane R. Marville

Richard J. Richardson

Joshua L. Fretz

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