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Music touches the mind, body and spirit: a compelling, meaningful and powerful force in our lives. The serious study of music is vital to the appreciation and understanding of our culture and the cultures of the world. Through listening, performing and composing we create opportunities for our students to have a deeper understanding of music. The music curriculum is based upon learning by experience. This is true from elementary school classes through high school. 

The primary goals of the music program are to develop basic music literacy in all of our students and to ensure that our students have a basic knowledge of music history and literature. The music curriculum is organized as an inverted pyramid. As beginning musicians, students learn general skills and concepts. As they develop, they may explore their own creative musical impulse through instrumental music or choir.

6th Grade General Music

Sixth grade general music students will thoroughly review the musical symbols and terms through various activities that will reinforce their understanding. The students will also be immersed in the history of music from the early medieval time period through the development of the symphony (years 1000-1700's). 

We encourage to pay close attention to the music that surrounds them on a daily basis while attending this class. Some assignments and projects include: daily listening journal, Songwriting 101, Name That Tune of the Time Period, weekly instrumental experiments, Elements of Music Jeopardy, just to name a few. During the final marking period students will create a musical instrument following a detailed rubric.

Music is a defining element of character. - Plato


Music Teachers

Alyson E. Balascik

Ronalyn A. Bingaman

Dr. Eric J. Plum