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Middle school Mathematics offers students a wide range of opportunities to excel. We offer course to fit the academic ability of all students, and we desire for every child achieve success in their given course. The curriculum used at GAMS has been directly aligned with the Pennsylvania State Standards.

Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.  - Dean Schlicter


Actively Engaging

Our math courses range from Math 6 through Geometry. The Math 6 course uses the EnVision math series, and our remaining courses use Glencoe/McGraw-Hill math series. All math courses at GAMS offer students and parents 24/7 digital access to the text and other related resources. We also offer students the opportunity to earn high school math credits for certain courses. Each course offers a variety of mathematical topics that will challenge as well as prepare students for future math courses.

Students will be required to complete Odyssey lessons based upon each student’s individualized benchmark assessment (MAP) performance. In addition, students will engage in learning activities that will regularly reinforce their prior learning (spiral curriculum) and help them be successful on the Pennsylvania State School Assessment Test. Upon completing the middle school math program students will have the skills and basic knowledge necessary to achieve in advanced math classes in the high school program and throughout their lifelong learning.


Just as music comes alive in the performance of it, the same is true of mathematics. The symbols on the page have no more to do with mathematics than the notes on a page of music. They simply represent the experience. 

- Keith Devlin Mathematics: The Science of Patterns


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Math Teachers

Casey I. Brookens

Aric A. Bruner

Ethan Clever

Sarah L.  Diller

Jessica L. Durofchalk

Clark M. Flohr

Julie L. Franchi

Andrew B. Geesaman

Linda Kay Grams

Benjamin T. Herrmann

Courtney Kelley

Deanna M. Kirkwood

Gary L. Rife

Christine M. Wilkinson