Welcome to GAMS Art Department

Art means different things to different people. As such, we endeavor toArt Class - Paint and Brush create a varied art experience. Upon stepping into an art room, many people say, “I can’t draw. Not even a straight line!” The purpose of art class is not to identify artists, but to help all students improve their ability to communicate visually, solve problems and add beauty to their surroundings. If we see art as a form of communication, science, math, language and problem solving, we realize its applications are varied and endless. May your life be lived artfully.

7th Grade Art

Art is a required class for all 7th grade students. This class builds on the fundamentals of art using an incremental approach that expands creative possibilities through new mediums, processes and perspectives. Students will engage in the elements and principles of design, critiques of artwork, use of new vocabulary, application of color theory, the stages of pencil drawing and 3D work.

Art Encore

This elective course for 8th grade students is an opportunity for students to further develop their creative and technical abilities. As the complexity of the projects increases so does abstract problem solving, opportunity for creative solutions and self-expression. Some activities at this level may include mixed media, fine art metals, scratchboard, sculpture and wood burning.

Art Teacher

Kevin B. Rice